Bipolar Ionization Technology for Commercial HVAC

bipolar ionizationStudies suggest that bipolar ionization technology kills germs. The ionizer prevents viruses from infecting people. The ionization procedure reduces subsequent outbreaks. If people cough and sneeze they disperse viral droplets throughout the surroundings. Additionally, as soon as an infected person touches a surface, the area becomes polluted hence allowing viruses to travel. Bipolar ionization targets droplets and residue on surfaces.

Bipolar ionization technology eliminates a hydrogen bond against germs and inactivates them. Frequent examples of germs comprise of Legionella, the norovirus along with the influenza. More frequently than not a virus can’t survive without a hydrogen bond. Bipolar ionization interrupts the pathogen and eliminates it in the commission. Basically, since the procedure evolves, the pathogen can’t infect the victim. O2 Prime controls viruses and purifies the atmosphere. O2 Prime kills 99 percent of germs according to studies. 

A 2005 study conducted on the SARS disease demonstrates that SARS is eliminated at a rate of 73.4 percent. The time to destroy the virus is mere minutes. Laboratory evaluation results imply that not only does O2 Prime successfully kill germs, but it really promotes better air quality. 

Bipolar Ionization and Healthy Air

Air quality is yet another element that firms need to take under account when approaching an environment that is breathable. Heating and cooling systems are all also critical in not only controlling temperature but similarly producing air that’s completely clean. Air that’s totally free of contamination and pollutants is indeed the healthiest to breathe. 

As a chosen supplier  for Commercial HVAC, we have the ability to eliminate pollutants in air units. Beyond viruses, mold and germs mildew can also grow inside cooling and heating systems. Moreover, bipolar ionization is often utilized to cure HVAC systems. In the end, cooling and heating units may create a purified atmosphere that’s also energy efficient.

Allergens are also an issue for individuals in business centers. Exposure to triggers can create significant health problems over the duration of time.  Additionally, the clean air treatment controls VOCs from invading buildings. VOCs are toxic chemicals that could also bring about major health problems among building occupants.


Benefits of O2 Prime


COVID-19 has drawn an emphasis on possible fresh air treatments. On account of the simple fact that the disease is both airborne and lives on surfaces, the CDC provided recommendations for business buildings. According to the CDC, industrial companies should evaluate HVAC components, ventilation and space size whilst implementing preventative steps.

With minimal resemblance to SARS and MERS, the coronavirus acts similarly and influences the upper respiratory system. All 3 viruses are airborne, so may be dispersed in 6 ft of space, and dwell on surfaces for an elongated time period.

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