Antiviral Sanitizer Infection Control 

antiviral sanitizer treatmentsCommercial enterprises often use commercial cleaning materials to limit the spread of infection in facilities where people perform duties. Recent developments around the coronavirus, however, have changed the scope of best practices to reduce the spread of infections.

While it is obvious that nearly all facilities have some measures to prevent illness in place, concerns about COVID-19 have moved businesses to go even further to provide safe environments for employees and customers. Preventing health risks in facilities is not a new concept, it has just taken a new direction. Antiviral sanitizer treatments are now being considered a routine part of infection control in commercial buildings. 

Antiviral sanitizer as an added measure can help reduce the risk of infection from viruses such as the flu as well as many common pathogens that infect people every year. The effects of the same measures on the coronavirus are not entirely understood as research is on-going. The fact that there is no effective-treatment has caused companies to spring into action in the face of uncertainty. 

Today it is not uncommon to find employees donned in face masks and gloves to protect themselves and customers from exposure to viruses. Many companies have installed protective barriers to block the transmission of terms from person-to-person in retail settings. Additionally, the CDC has provided guidance on how commercial facilities can disinfect workspaces. Still, with all of these measures in place, for some companies it may simply not be enough. Antiviral sanitizer is possibly an effective option.

Antiviral Sanitizer to Combat Viral Spread

Choosing antiviral sanitizer treatments as an option may not completely eradicate the coronavirus, but it has been shown effective in killing viruses such as the flu, SARS, MERS and other harmful microorganisms that are transmitted through the air or live on surfaces. Findings by the CDC suggests that coronavirus behaves in a similar manner as SARS and MERS. Even more concerning is the amount of time that the viruses are able to survive on a number of surfaces. Some viruses may only survive a few hours, while others can survive for several days. 

SanitizeIT, an antiviral sanitizer is a EPA-registered formula that can kill germs in the air and on the surface through a light mist. With businesses reopening since the height of the coronavirus, now is a good time to consider infection control. 

Our commercial sanitizing treatment service is fast and convenient. The measure is worth the investment considering the current outlook on infection control. Companies who choose to enlist the help of an HVAC expert such as Alpha Energy Solutions will discover quality service and effective products. As a safe alternative to harsh cleaning materials, our disinfectant is safe to use in commercial establishments. As a leading supplier and service provider in HVAC, we are proud to offer disinfecting services for a wide range of facilities. Explore our capabilities.

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