Commercial Sanitizer Servicing for HVAC

commercial sanitizing serviceSuperb indoor air quality is essential for business facilities.  Industrial sanitizer service through Alpha Energy Solutions provides bipolar ionization.  Bipolar ionization kills germs by generating ions.  Commercial sanitizer eliminates particles from the atmosphere and on surfaces.  O2Prime can be added into existing heating and cooling methods.  The sanitization method is easy and has been used for many years to improve the air quality in facilities. 

In the long run, HVAC systems are then good at producing good usage of energy while simultaneously activating cleaner indoor air streams. Furthermore, commercial sanitizer servicing from Alpha Energy Solutions is excellent for industrial and commercial centers. Our firm specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. We provide over 2,000 years of experience in handling heating and cooling units for our clients. In fact, we deal with all of the major industry brands. Our scope of service includes products, installation, equipment, repair, replacement parts and rental systems. 

HVAC systems are critical in maintaining a quality atmosphere to breathe. Air circulation that isn’t clean limits functionality efficacy, fiscal earnings and occupant health. Ventilation techniques are certainly the substantial gap between great construction and possible air illness which could impact people across all sectors. Additionally, there’s more to atmosphere systems than just cooling and heating.  With the correct alternatives, an HVAC system has the capability to protect against the spread of germs inside of centers. Commercial sanitizer is one way to achieve germ-free facilities. 

Sanitizing Commercial Air Systems

Clean air standards implies that air ought to be free of pollutants and viruses. O2Prime™ will operate at eliminating harmful organisms when connected to HVAC systems.  Moreover, using a process widely called bipolar ionization, the remedy wipes viruses out throughout the venting system and on surfaces.  

To exemplify, in the event someone coughs or sneezes into the surroundings, the remedy then eradicates the contaminants while still circulating via a construction.

What’s more, through a complex procedure, the O2Prime™ system removes mold, lowers the flow of external air flow and conserves energy costs. Our commercial sanitizer servicing options address the microorganisms that afflict large facilities. 

Sanitizer for Commercial Buildings

The entirely new coronavirus is a unique case of an airborne virus, which also resides on surfaces.  Bipolar ionization found in O2Prime as a commercial sanitizer could possibly be an effective method to eliminate the spread of this virus. 

Among many main facets of decontamination that company owners should think about is the ventilation system.  O2Prime, when placed into HVAC components, is an easy preventative measure that centers can utilize. For this reason, effective steps are essential to save on operational expenses.  

As an expert in HVAC we are poised to service our clients with expertise 24/7. Service technicians are on-call to answer the demand for assistance regarding commercial air units and industrial packages. Business owners can gain more from HVAC systems by using them to the fullest capabilities.

Interested in learning how you can achieve cleaner air with modern technology?  Contact us to ask about our sanitizer services for commercial facilities