O2Prime Technology for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

O2Prime TechnologyExcellent indoor air quality is essential for business facilities. HVAC systems could be utilized to provide cleaner air flow. O2Prime technology may help to deliver healthier air in buildings. The basis of the treatment is bipolar ionization. The interaction causes a powerful response against contaminants. Find out more about why O2Prime™ is a wonderful option for HVAC systems. 

O2Prime technology removes particles in the air and particles that settle on surfaces. In fact, the method is simple to install despite being so powerful.  As an end result, HVAC systems are subsequently efficient at producing much better use of energy while simultaneously triggering cleaner indoor air flow for serious breathing. O2Prime is a viable option for commercial and industrial HVAC systems. 

HVAC systems are essential in helping buildings sustain clean air standards. Air flow that is not clean impacts effectiveness and the health of building occupants. Ventilation strategies are certainly the huge difference between great air and building sickness which may impact individuals annually.

Benefits of Clean Air Enhancements

O2Prime provides an extensive range of benefits that reach beyond just cooling and heating. With the appropriate items, an HVAC unit can prevent the spread of viruses inside the environment and on surfaces. Preserving air which is thoroughly clean signifies that viruses need to be killed, inactivated.

The clean air technology works well at removing harmful organisms traveling throughout a building when placed into HVAC systems. Making use of a procedure referred to as bipolar ionization, the solution wipes away viruses on surfaces and airborne pathogens. For example, in case someone coughs or sneezes, the solution then eradicates the contaminants. Additionally, through a complex process, O2Prime™ eliminates mold and stops its growth. Furthermore, the tool reduces the flow of outside air flow. O2 Prime will help save electrical energy and regulate the growth of insidious bacteria. Finally the system controls dangerous pathogens that cause disease. 

Confronting Potential Viral Spread

Viral spread increases when someone touches their eyes, nose or mouth. Though a genetic relationship was found between COVID-19 and SARS, the two viruses are thought to be somewhat similar in behavior. COVID-19 is recognized as intriguing since it would not have been previously identified in humans. 

The completely new coronavirus is a great illustration of a virus which might be sent out through the atmosphere and in addition still occur on surfaces. O2Prime might be a viable option to attack the virus since it works well at killing air borne viruses and surface germs.

Among the main aspects of decontamination which companies should think about is the ventilation system. O2Prime, when put into HVAC methods, is a preventive step which businesses of all sizes are able to utilize. Below are just several ways in which the clean air solution might help. 

Eliminating Surface Germs

Managing Outdoor Air

Reducing or Eliminating Odors

Killing Airborne Viruses 

Temperature Control

Looking to the Future

Though the coronavirus is completely new, vaccination trials have yet to be completed. Several coronaviruses today are already active and therefore it is probable the novice variation would respond to combative tools  in a similar manner. Air flow which is thoroughly clean, nevertheless, is a continuing situation for businesses as new strains of the viruses occur. The possible treatment may assist facilities in removing threats.

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