Cleaner Air in Buildings with O2 Prime

O2 Prime Alpha Energy SolutionsThe owners of commercial facilities are interested in achieving clean air. Heating and cooling units are capable of cleaning the air inside of buildings. O2 Prime is a type of technology added to HVAC units to provide cleaner air to breathe. Business owners and facility managers searching for ways to handle infection control should consider O2 Prime an option with substantial promise. 

O2 Prime offers unique benefits for end-users and, most importantly, facilities overall. Additionally, advanced technology is responsible for eliminating particulate matter. Particulate matter may live in the air or on surfaces. O2 Prime can be added to heating and cooling units by one of our service specialists. Our technicians have over 2,000 years of experience with commercial HVAC. The process behind O2 Prime has been used for many decades to improve the performance of air systems. 

Heating and cooling units play an instrumental role in maintaining clean air standards. What are clean air standards? The federal government and municipalities, and independent agencies set the standards for clean air to ensure that buildings are up to code. Facilities must provide air that is safe to breathe. Healthy air is free from viruses, bacteria, and also a mold. Additionally, clean air should not include irritants, allergens, or toxic chemicals. Moreover, facilities must control the flow of outside air into buildings. 

HVAC units are no longer just viewed as giant machines that provide hot or cold air. The heating and cooling systems are tasked with keeping the air clean and breathable on top of controlling the temperature. The fact of the matter is that HVAC systems offer to manage advantages for business owners to take additional disease control steps. Clean air means proper infection control. 

How Does O2 Prime Control Infections?

The product O2 Prime has been developed to remove harmful particulate matter from buildings. Dangerous microorganisms can enter a facility and cause illness among occupants. Viruses may be airborne or live on surfaces. Regardless of how the viruses enter a building, O2 Prime provides a high control level through a complex process. 

O2 Prime eliminates contaminants. Pollutants such as VOCs pose a serious health threat to people. The O2 Prime technology reduces exposure to VOCs. The technology also controls the flow of outdoor air. Increased outdoor air inside of facilities will result in wasted energy, mold and mildew growth, foul smells, and poor temperature control. Business owners appreciate O2 Prime because it results in better efficiency for HVAC units. 

Controlling the Spread of Viruses

Infection control is a necessity for businesses considering the appearance of COVID-19. Companies have implemented new protection measures. O2 Prime is an effective option for companies that already have some systems in place. The HVAC clean air system is ideal because it can be applied to existing units. The device, which functions through bipolar ionization, is 4-fold in its ability to deliver results. 

Enhanced heating and cooling units equipped with O2 Prime will have an easier time managing viruses and other pathogens that may enter and travel throughout ventilation systems. The process that starts O2 Prime is complex. Bipolar ionization is the cornerstone of the technology. O2 Prime is not a new concept, but more facilities are looking toward it as a possibility.

The rise of COVID-19 and its lack of a successful remedy or preventative method has people concerned. In truth, companies should be practicing infection control for any viruses. Every year the flu makes people ill. The result of widespread outbreaks is the loss of profit, income, and stability. Forward-thinking companies are hoping to circumvent future impacts by putting the right measures into place now.

Consider the Benefits of Infection Control through HVAC Units

HVAC units play a major role in keeping air safe to breathe in facilities. Heating and cooling systems can stop the spread of viruses. Furthermore, HVAC units can provide purified air for building occupants.

Well-known viruses that infect individuals every year include the seasonal flu, Bird flu, Swine flu, and SARS. There are a host of other infections that people confront throughout the year. The issue with exposure to viruses of any kind is that they can take people out of work for days, weeks, and sometimes months at a time. The financial burden of missing work and calling out sick is troublesome for employers, employees, and customers. 

Beyond viruses and bacteria, mold and spores can also cause health issues. Allergies and sinuses often require frequent medication, which can get expensive. Irritants enter HVAC units and cause people to become ill.  Of course, commercial cleaning can help eradicate many issues associated with mold, mildew, and dust, but heating and cooling units have far more capabilities than expected. 

Airborne and Surface Contaminants Addressed

O2 Prime attacks both airborne and surface-living viruses. As the ions latch on to the flow, clean air circulates throughout an entire ventilation system and all of its components. HVAC units contribute not only to clean air within buildings but also to the environment. Furthermore, business owners actually save more on their energy when integrating a solution such as O2 Prime into existing packages. 

Additionally, enhancing HVAC units with air purifying technology offers safer spaces to conduct business. Companies can play a bigger part. Employers, employees, and customers all benefit from the cleanest air possible.

Explore the wide range of services that we have to support your breathable air initiatives. Although there has been guidance on keeping facilities clean, additional measures can be taken for greater improvement. We are commercial HVAC experts with time in the industry. As a result, we can offer cutting-edge solutions designed for your business.

We tailor our commercial cleaning service to meet your budget. Our technicians are proud to bring experience from the field to your service call.  Consider the power of your heating and cooling unit. If you are looking to improve your heating units’ infection control capabilities while also providing cleaner air, Contact us!