O2Prime and Forced Air Conditioning Systems

O2PrimeGood indoor air quality is vital for commercial facilities. HVAC systems can be used to promote cleaner air in buildings. O2Prime is a technology that can be applied to forced air units to purify the air. The foundation of the technology is a process called bipolar ionization. Bipolar ionization takes places when energy is removed from an atom or molecule. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to achieve cleaner air in your facility, consider the O2Prime product.

O2Prime eliminates particles from the air and also on surfaces. The tool can easily be added to an air conditioning unit by a service specialist. As a result of the installation, heating and cooling units are effective at generating breathable air. Furthermore, our technology helps HVAC units to waste less energy.

Clean Air Systems

Heating and cooling systems play an important role in maintaining clean air standards. Polluted air can enter a building and cause serious performance issues. Additionally, contaminated air flow can cause illness among the occupants of a facility. Viruses such as the flu, bacterial infections and allergens are just a few of the microorganisms that can make people ill. Proper ventilation along with tools such as O2Prime can help to improve the environment for building patrons. The fact of the matter is that many businesses are concerned about the wellness of employees and understandably so.

Sick calls account for lost productivity in facilities where people work closely together. The greater the number of people confined to a single space, the greater the chance for viral spread. Because of the impact on profitability and productivity, companies have to find ways to keep employees safe. Furthermore, employees often cannot afford excessive time out of work due to illness. Companies today have a stronger focus on wellness.

HVAC Units and O2Prime

Heating and cooling units can reduce the spread of illness by cleaning the air. The technology behind O2Prime helps to remove harmful particles from buildings. The material can be added to heating and cooling units. Through the process of bipolar ionization, the product removes pathogens such as viruses. O2 Prime removes viruses that are in the air and viruses that live on surfaces.

When people cough and sneeze, germs are released into the environment. The germs can travel a long distance to cause infection among people. The benefit of O2prime is that it kills airborne viruses. HVAC units are complex, but the technology is capable of targeting several different components of a temperature control system. Additionally, the product removes other contaminants such as mold, and mildew. Regulating mold growth is important because it can create a health hazard for building occupants. Mold causes upper respiratory health issues, skin problems and allergic reactions for some people.

Limiting Outdoor Air

O2Prime helps to reduce the outdoor air that flows into an indoor ventilation system. Outdoor air can contribute to poor air quality in the following ways.

-Bringing in contaminants

-altering the indoor temperature

-making air conditioning units less efficient

Controlling the flow of outdoor air is one way to reduce the spread of harmful microorganisms that may enter a facility through complex ventilation systems.  Increased moisture in buildings can facilitate the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Reducing Communicable Disease Spread

Limiting communicable disease spread is a constant concern for facilities where people work in close quarters. Businesses such as warehouses, factories, retail establishments, restaurants, medical facilities, academic institutions and day care centers are all places where people can transmit disease.  O2Prime provides an added benefit of cleaner air for facilities where people gather in large numbers.

Recent reports show how quickly viruses such as COVID-19 can be spread throughout businesses. The fast spread of viruses means that facilities must take preemptive measures to prevent worsening conditions should they occur. Cleaning, however, may not always be enough to prevent the spread of disease. Some cleaning products are simply ineffective. In other cases, cleaning materials may cause more harm than good. Treating air conditioning units with purification solutions is a great alternative.

Modern Viral Threats

Modern viral threats persist. Businesses are concerned about the potential impacts of new diseases on their facilities. In the case of the new coronavirus, research on the effects of the disease COVID-19 are ongoing. Scientists have determined at least that the virus is airborne. The CDC has made general recommendations about how people can potentially prevent the spread of the illness.

Some examples of how to prevent viral spread include adequate hand-washing, sanitizing work spaces, disinfecting surfaces, and wearing protective face coverings. Unfortunately, it is hard to make any guarantees about the effectiveness of the preventative measures.

Benefits of Cleaner Air Quality

Companies today are also more conscious about the types of chemicals that they use to treat surfaces. Being that businesses are socially aware of the effects of harmful chemicals on the environment, having healthier alternatives available is useful. O2Prime not only targets the germs in the air but it also kills germs that live on surfaces. Additionally, the process of bipolar ionization renders infectious microorganisms inactive which further reduces infection rates post exposure.

O2Prime can help facilities manage the spread of viruses, mold spores, bacteria and allergens in buildings. The fact of the matter is that clean air creates a better working environment for building occupants. Furthermore, clean air impacts customers, vendors and anyone that interacts with an establishment. The benefits of implementing O2Prime into existing heating and cooling units are numerous. Not only does the solution kill viruses, but it also reduces energy expenses and limits the effect of outdoor air. Fresh are is an important part of keeping facilities and people safe.

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