Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Explained

needlepoint bipolar ionizationCommercial industries work with HVAC equipment to provide temperatures that are comfortable inside of buildings. Heating and cooling units control more than comfort. In reality, a major function of HVAC systems is producing clean air. Breathable air inside of facilities is an essential aspect of maintaining a safe working environment and above all, minimizing illness. Needlepoint bipolar ionization is one tool that is used to create healthier air in buildings.

You may be wondering, what precisely is needlepoint bipolar ionization? Because ventilation systems are susceptible to particulate matter, building occupants may be exposed to some harmful pathogens.  As a result, working in areas where the air is not purified may lead to serious health consequences. Increased health issues among occupants in a facility may impact productivity and profitability. Additionally, there are financial considerations for individuals and employers when illness strikes, removing people from their daily roles and responsibilities. Moreover, facilities are frequented by external customers, vendors and other constituents that demand safe environments. 


Bipolar ionization deals with the demand for purified air. The process is focused on targeting airborne pollutants. During the progression of needlepoint bipolar ionization, energy is manipulated to counteract pollutants.  Volatile organic elements, viruses, germs and also mildew are decimated by ionization. Ionization works well in controlling disease in commercial and industrial facilities

Findings on Ionization

Results suggest that not merely is needlepoint bipolar ionization successful in improving the  quality of the air, but it also plays a role in efficient HVAC performance. Additionally, research indicates that bipolar ionization reduces the expenses related to heating and cooling units installed in commercial buildings.

When used in HVAC systems, the innovation of bipolar ionization provides numerous advantages which are applicable to end users. One of the benefits of ionization is that it reduces the flow of outside air into indoor ventilation systems. When external air goes into a building, the ventilation components are prone to growing microorganisms. 

End-users will quickly find that there are numerous advantages to incorporating a simple but effective clean-air application into existing HVAC units. The needlepoint tool is not large however, it delivers a powerful response to germs. Additionally, companies that are concerned about energy costs will find the efficient performance of HVAC systems to be favorable. The power of the technology is three-fold and an asset to complex establishments. 

Heating and cooling units may also be attractive sources for mold. The overgrowth of mold in  a facility may result in severe upper respiratory illnesses. Additionally, excessive mildew can damage building materials as well as pose a threat to respiratory health.

The fact of the matter is,  the science behind our service is effective in decreasing & controlling dangerous pathogens including viruses and bacteria. Airborne viruses can spread through ventilation systems. In fact, the spread of pathogens can lead to unwanted illness and costly call-outs among facility workers.

Viral Transmission and Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

Viral transmissions aren’t unusual in sizable manufacturing facilities. In reality, current outbreaks have impacted industrial and commercial establishments at an astonishing speed. Unsurprisingly, viruses spread very easily through normal activities including coughing and sneezing.

The desire to have fresher air has never ever been bigger. In reality, our clean air technology is a great option for industrial and commercial facilities where individuals gather to work and go about daily business in groups.  Our service specialists are capable of enhancing HVAC units with needlepoint bipolar ionization products into your air systems. Built for forced air units, the treatment is an effective method to kill microorganisms in a budget-friendly manner for most businesses.

Our clean air specialists discovered that kills viruses better than UV light and steam in some cases. Considering the rapid rate at which viruses spread, facilities are taking action. With newer innovations in heating and cooling, the outlook on viral control appears to be promising. 

The primary problem with viruses is the fact that they not only circulate throughout the air but they live on surfaces. Bipolar ionization kills airborne viruses. In addition to killing viruses, the bipolar ionization method kills the bacteria that continue to exist on surfaces where an infected individual makes contact.  When a non infected person touches a contaminated object, surface transmission can occur. As a result, people can become infected from touching diseased surfaces and become ill shortly thereafter. Ionization though, renders the microorganisms ineffective. 

Safeguarding Facilities

Research concludes that the ionization procedure is efficient in killing common germs like tuberculosis, the common cold and various flu strains. Moreover, several irritants within industrial settings can trigger allergies and other respiratory issues.  There’s no secret that contact with microorganisms like allergens and mold are able to lead to severe long term health problems. 

Facilities are able to do far more to safeguard building occupants with very simple but powerful resources while maximizing on HVAC capabilities. Furthermore,  HVAC units are important in minimizing viral spread. Knowing that you can meet multiple operational goals with a combination of groundbreaking tools will deliver more value for your current configuration.

Truthfully, businesses demand breathable air. In fact, companies must attempt to attain hospital grade air quality. Our professional expertise is an answer that is ideal for facilities of all sizes. Additionally, there are options to customize service based on your budget and needs.  Circumventing contamination using HVAC systems is beneficial for commercial and industrial centers. Companies will find great value in upgrading ventilation systems with the powerful tool. 

We understand that every company is different and that is why we offer a wide range of services. Schools, industrial buildings and medical facilities have considered the benefits of bipolar ionization and put the technology to use. Whether you desire to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling units or deliver cleaner air, we have solutions available. Get the most out of your heating and cooling systems and provide the safest air to breathe using the latest technology available. Explore our selection of services to enhance your heating and cooling systems. 

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