COVID-19 Sanitizer Service 

covid-19 sanitizerThe last outbreak of COVID-19 has encouraged business enterprises to reconsider their approach to cleaner facilities. Alpha Energy Solutions is able to offer a response to the increasing problem with COVID-19 sanitizer treatments. The fact of the matter is that most facilities must have sterile spaces as a rule. Regrettably, it is too easy to fall short with regards to halting the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Our measures reduce contact with viruses, germs, fungi and allergens which are usually found in buildings. 

It is not unusual for commercial buildings and offices to maintain cleaning solvents for disinfecting workspaces. In reality, some commercial cleansers simply are not effective enough for large facilities. Shared areas are susceptible to viruses, fungi, bacteria. Moreover the common use spaces demand tougher concentrations to totally eliminate dangerous pathogens.

COVID-19 Sanitizer Fast and Effective Measures

While COVID-19 sanitizer service may be established in the long-term, facilities must, nevertheless, reduce the spread of viruses today. Additionally, facilities can use a fast and effective treatment as delivered by Alpha Energy Solutions, We can help companies achieve a building that is sterile and Clinically Clean®. We use SanitizeIT to remove dangerous organisms in various facilities. 

Sanitizer Possibilities

There are many ways to approach commercial cleaning to combat viruses. The fact is that some are more labor intensive than others. Most importantly, some methods just deliver better results. With SanitizeIT, the results are clear.

Viruses live in bathrooms, break rooms, or door knobs, computers and other office equipment. Viruses love to thrive in high traffic areas and places where moisture is prominent. Pathogens 

such as listeria, flu, E.coli an and staph can remain on hard surfaces for a long time, thus resulting in infection. Our solution effectively attacks viruses and bacteria while killing an extensive list of harmful pathogens. 

Heating and Cooling Systems & Sanitizer Methods

HVAC units can combat viruses. Heating and cooling systems manage temperature and promote clean air. In reality, climate control systems encourage better air quality. The equipment that we have which is used by service technicians rids facilities of mold, infectious diseases, mildew and foul odors. 

You will be pleased to know that our formula which can be applied as a potential covid-19 sanitizer, is non-corrosive and can be used on equipment such as pc keyboards, mice and other popular electronics. We deliver our effective solution in spray form using a backpack mounted dispenser. SanitizeIT is safe to use on a number of surfaces including plastic, metals such as stainless steel and fabrics of all varieties.

We are happy to offer quick and effective solutions for our clients. In just under one half-hour, it is possible to achieve a business facility that is Clinically Clean®. Our clients rely on us to add value by delivering a service that will leave facilities free from viruses, bacteria and other germs. If you are looking to improve the cleanliness of your facility, contact us today.

Learn more. Communicate with us to inquire about sanitizer service for commercial and industrial centers.