Antiviral Sanitizer for Buildings

antiviral sanitizerIndustrial buildings are usually susceptible to live viruses and bacteria. Actually, in an attempt to preserve hygiene, numerous facilities work with commercial cleaning products for treating surfaces. Sadly, in buildings, a number of shared work spaces and common areas become contaminated with germs. Antiviral sanitizer, however, can kill viruses on contact and in the air. 

Alpha Energy Solutions is able to provide industrial facilities with antiviral sanitizer service to help decrease the spread of disease-causing pathogens. Because your building  isn’t deemed Clinically Clean® until it’s been adequately sanitized, working with our service specialists helps provide the very best outcomes. Furthermore, we utilize the SanitizeIT to thoroughly clean your business.  The cleaning strategy is utilized by service technicians in offices, prisons, facilities, day treatment facilities, exercise facilities and nursing homes to provide highly effective disease management.

Treatment-Antiviral Sanitizer

You will find numerous places in just a building which are susceptible to pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Door knobs, fax machines, phones, computer keyboards, desks, along with toilets are simply common places where germs thrive. Moreover, microorganisms like staph, listeria, E. coli, as well flu viruses are able to continue to exist on surfaces which are handled by humans on a regular basis. SanitizeIT properly kills the above described viruses and more. In reality, our total kill list consists of more than forty different kinds of viruses, bacteria as well as fungi based on substantial research.

Heating and Cooling Units 

Along with killing hazardous pathogens, the SanitizeIT controls allergens and odors in HVAC systems. Likewise, the unit is helpful in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities including, nursing homes as well as federal buildings. Furthermore, the spray removes the odors connected to mold, animals, bacteria, mildew, and even smoke among some other culprits.

SanitizeIT antiviral sanitizer is risk-free to use in commercial facilities. In reality, the spray is safe for use on floor coverings, stainless steel, plastic, stone, and cloth. The cleaning process functions by spraying a gentle mist over resources in the facility on frequently used items. The surfaces which people frequently touch must be free from contamination and also meet medical-grade standards. Moreover, SanitizeIT is safe to apply on a wide range of surfaces.  In fact, you do not need to rise our formula after we complete a service. To contribute to the advantages of the sanitizer, it’s fragrance-free and non-irritating.

Fast Clean-up

Alpha Energy Solutions provides an easy and fast process to start treatments for your business office or facility. In merely under 30 minutes, we are able to treat 2,000 square feet. Adhering to a treatment, the center is going to be virus free, void of bacteria, and free from allergens and odors.

Furthermore, we find that the SanitizeIT service is ideal for HVAC components as well. In fact, service technicians can apply the washing treatment for furnaces, rooftop plus packaged air cooling units, air handlers as well as fan coil units. The fact of the matter is that heating and cooling units are instrumental in providing cleaner air standards. 

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