Commercial Chiller Rental

chiller rentalIndustries such as manufacturing use chillers for cooling spaces and machinery. Additionally, chillers are used in hospitals, production facilities and medical facilities. Periodically, a facility may need a chiller rental to supplement cooling requirements. Alpha Energy Solutions is a supplier of rental cooling systems for both commercial and industrial facilities. Renting a chiller through our company provides an opportunity to source quality equipment from the major HVAC brands.

In addition to chiller rental, we provide service and repair for chillers. The units are prone to wear from heavy use and the elements. Due to the fact that chillers consist of many parts, it is likely that at some point one will need to be either repaired or replaced. Alpha Energy Solutions can work with chillers for repair, service and parts if needed.

Since we work with major manufacturer brands to provide chiller rental, we also have access to parts. Chiller components are often a necessity for repair, maintenance, and service. The parts may be large or small depending on what is wrong with a unit. As HVAC experts, we can source the required parts with greater ease due to our network of distributors.

Chiller Rental-Maintenance

Chillers, whether deployed in medical centers, manufacturing plants or commercial buildings require upkeep. Proper maintenance reduces the chances of a serious malfunction. Broken parts within a chiller can ultimately lead to an outage which would be detrimental to an operation. Allow our service technicians to handle performance problems with your chiller.

As a preemptive measure, maintenance performed by a technician will keep you updated. We provide preventative maintenance services for commercial and industrial clients with chiller rentals. All commercial businesses should consider investing in a preventative care plan for chillers.

Learn more about our preventative maintenance plans, rental air systems and service selection. Contact us.