Visitor Management-Helpful Tips

visitor managementVisitor Management is a necessary aspect of managing security for business owners and security managers. If you are responsible for handling security functions, then consider Alpha Energy Solutions as your first choice in Security. Many different facilities benefit greatly from keeping track of who enters a building because you simply never know when or where a potential threat may exist.


Office complexes, academic institutions, retail stores, banks military bases and medical facilities are all examples of buildings that may be at risk for potential threats due to little or no visitor management.

Visitor management is all about gathering pertinent data. 


Visitor management is not just a function that applies to outsiders, it also plays a significant role in managing internal individuals that are tied to your organization, business or firm.  For example employees may be subject to varied levels of security clearance as in government agencies. In schools, students and staff may also have to carry documents which confirm their identity such as a student ID or employee badge. Such badges and identifying information such as a unique student number or employee number. 


Visitor Management Efficiency Tips

Next, consider how your visitors are behind handled and if there is also room for a better protocol.

  • Think about how quickly you are able to confirm the identity of a person entering your building
  • Review your emergency protocol
  • Create a list of what background information is critical to gather for anyone allowed access to your facility
  • Create an emergency plan and designate key persons to access information in a pinch.
  • Develop an efficient communications plan to handle visitors quickly but thoroughly


Updating your visitor management systems with Alpha Energy Solutions is easy.