Chiller Rental for Commercial and Industrial Projects

A chiller rental is a great option for your commercial operation. Also, chillers are perfect for industrial projects. If you do not need a permanent solution, a rental chiller is an ideal option.

Although chillers are fantastic, searching for the right one may be hard. Chillers are complicated systems that have many different uses. If you are unsure about what type of chiller is right for you, consult an expert. Our technicians at Alpha Energy Solutions can help you locate a chiller that will suit your need.

Chillers are unique because of how they cool water for use. They have many uses in commercial and industrial facilities. Depending on your need, a chiller rental may be necessary for a specific production. If your production is short-term in nature, a rental chiller will keep y our operations running smoothly.

Chiller Rental Service

Alpha Energy Solutions can help you find a chiller rental that is right for your project. We have access to all of the major manufacturer brands. We can get the parts that you need because of our strong relationships and great distributor network.

Once we have located a chiller, we can support your system with service and selection. Service technicians are on call 24-hours per day and 7 days a week to help with your chiller needs. Moreover, if you happen to have an emergency with your chiller rental, we can also provide urgent repair. Since we can get parts from our network, you will have a shorter turn-around time on your service call.

We understand that in any operation, timing is everything when it comes to productivity.

It is also worth noting that we provide Preventative Maintenance Plans for your system. Maintenance plans help prevent major system failures by offering regular service, status updates, and system monitoring.