Chiller Rentals for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Maintaining comfort in your commercial or industrial facility should not break your bank. Proper climate control plays an important role in ensuring comfort, air quality and safety at your business. Investing in chiller rentals from Alpha Energy Solutions may be an ideal option for you. Rentals are a great alternative to permanent cooling systems.

Alpha Energy Solutions can help you select chiller rentals that fit your needs and budget. Chillers do vary in performance and maintenance, design and capacity. Some models demand additional parts depending on how they are designed. Although chillers are used across many different industries, how they process air, water, and energy varies. The cost of chiller rentals may also vary depending upon their size, weight and method of installation. You should also consider the maintenance requirements of your chiller and your budget for unexpected issues that may arise.

Chiller Rentals and Service

A chiller rental may be the perfect solution versus a permanent installation. Not every application requires a permanent chiller-Alpha Energy has access to all major industry brands and can assist with finding a suitable model for your specific application. In addition to offering leading brands, Alpha Energy Solutions provides a team of experienced field technicians and support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chillers consist of very complex components that require a trained professional. We provide commercial and industrial clients the opportunity to choose from a series of custom maintenance packages developed to maintain the performance of your rental. Of course, regular maintenance is the best way to prevent mechanical failures. Our preventative maintenance options provide regular reports, system testing and monitoring. Since we do have access to all major manufacturer brands we can provide quick turn-around on parts delivery and installation in the event of an emergency.