Chiller Rentals

EquipmentRentalHeaderThere are several things to consider when selecting the best chiller for your cooling needs. Many different designs are available, each offering multiple applications. If a permanent solution is not necessarily required, chiller rentals are a great option for short-term applications. Whether you need an air cooled chiller or a water cooled chiller, knowing the applications and benefits of each can help you conserve energy while addressing your cooling requirements.

Variables that determine the efficiency of a chiller include how it may impact the environment, its level of performance, maintenance requirements, and level of efficiency. Selecting a well-built design with ideal features will ensure optimal performance. Although the two different types of chillers available will require varied amounts of maintenance, proper service will prolong the life cycle of the design. In evaluating the best options for chillers, consider the amount of power that may be consumed, the amount of maintenance needed, and additional components that may be required to keep it running.

Depending on your application, chillers vary in capacity and can be used across multiple industries. The difference between a water cooled chiller and an air cooled chiller can be found in the process of heat transfer. Chillers that are water cooled use absorbed heat from water and transfer it to an additional component to another water source. They are often applicable in industrial settings and may require additional parts to increase efficiency. Air cooled chillers, on the other hand process heat differently by absorbing it from the water and then transferring it to the air. Although they may consume slightly more energy, Air cooled chillers still offer the capability of multiple applications.

Chiller options vary in size, weight, and price based on your unique specifications. Some additional points to consider when looking for a cooling chiller include the cost of installation, ease of use, and cost for maintenance. Layout and design are also important to keep in mind for more permanent fixtures. Designs built with the latest technology are an ideal option for the most efficient performance.

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