Schneider-Electric-Certified_PartnerOn March 10 and 11, Alpha Energy Solutions’ sales staff convened for an important meeting at the Galt House. On the agenda was a detailed training course with Doug Burton of Schneider Electric.

Alpha recently become a Schneider Electric Buildings Partner in the HVAC and Security Channels.

Alpha personnel had already completed its Technical Certifications. As a result of this training session, 10 Alpha sales representatives have finished the SmartStructure™ Sales Certification course and are fully certified.

Dave Hellman, Director of Energy and Performance said the training will enable Alpha to offer more services to customers.

“I am excited about this partnership and how it will further enable us to benefit our customers,” he said. “It adds additional tools to our  arsenal.”

Also discussed in the Training was SmartStruxture Lite™, which is a great building controls solution for facilities under 100,000 square feet utilizing wireless technologies and web access.  SmartStruxture™ is a scalable building controls solution for larger buildings with integrated monitoring, control, and management of energy, lighting, HVAC, and fire safety.  Hellman said both platforms (Smartstruxure & Smartstruxure Lite) have the ability to seamlessly pull data from existing Square D Powerlogics meters, as well as other Metering Manufacturers, into a cost-effective energy dashboard.

Alpha’s partnership with Schneider is already paying benefits. The two companies are teaming up to install a new controls system as a major regional hospital.