There is a better way to clean clogged pipes. For years, plumbers have used cable machines and cold water jetter to get rid of grease in pipes. The technology to clean the pipes with hot water wasn’t available or practical.

That’s all changed, and Alpha Energy Solutions is offering customers the opportunity to see how a new hot water jetter gets the job done better.

These photos show the Alpha team at a Louisville restaurant where grease is used for cooking. The procedure, which took just a few hours, left all the restaurant’s pipes looking like new. And they will stay cleaner longer. The hot water also does no damage to pipes.

“We are pleased to offer our customers this new technology,” said Alpha Director of Sales Gerry Lewis. “This equipment hasn’t been available in this market before, and we’re excited about bringing it to our customers. Hot water jetting is not only cost-effective but makes the cleaning easier and faster with less mess.”



Alpha’s hot water jetter


Alpha’s hot water jetter