HVAC Parts and Service in 8 States

With the expanding reach of Alpha Energy Solutions, customers with multiple locations throughout our eight-state coverage area benefit from Alpha’s ability to self-perform its service.

HVAC Parts makes this bakery coolFor example, one regional retail store manager called Alpha to repair an HVAC unit in a small Kentucky city and was satisfied with Alpha’s performance.  When a similar breakdown occurred a few hours away, the retailer found that Alpha could immediately send a technician there. Now, Alpha is talking with the retailer about performing preventative maintenance at dozens of locations.

Alpha’s trained technicians are located throughout Kentucky and surrounding states.  That means response time is short, no matter where the location is within our coverage area. That’s a significant factor when outside temperatures are high.

A national, publicly-traded restaurant chain just started using Alpha not only for HVAC Parts work but for refrigeration repairs. For the restaurant chain, with perishable food always at the site, it’s imperative that any breakdowns in refrigeration are fixed quickly.

“Regional companies are calling on us more often because we provide a single-source contact for multiple locations, and we’re able to get to job sites quickly,” said Gerry Lewis, Director of Sales. “By self-performing the work across a larger geographic territory, we can make the service calls promptly.  That makes Alpha a good resource for a lot of companies.”

The national restaurant chain has already called on Alpha to service 25 locations in three states, and the potential for picking up more stores is great. A regional grocery chain with locations throughout the Alpha coverage area recently signed an agreement to have preventive maintenance work done in dozens of its stores.

Alpha is proud to self-perform these services for regional and national retail outlets and restaurant chains.  With so many advantages for customers, many are calling on Alpha for service at multiple locations.