dispatchFor many Alpha Energy Solutions customers, calls for technicians, calls for work to be done and for help on job sites goes through Alpha’s ever-ready Dispatch Department. Alpha’s Dispatch team of Gail Grayson and Adam Garcia work to ensure that Alpha technicians get to job sites as soon as they’re needed, whether it’s for scheduled maintenance or in an emergency.

This week, we received a wonderful testimonial from a customer, Mark Caserta of Wendy’s, about the great professionalism exhibited by Gail, and technician Jeff Tygart. Gail has been at Alpha nearly six years, and comes in very early every day to take care of her customers. She’s a lifelong Louisvillian.

Adam Garcia recently joined the Alpha team after moving to Kentucky from Tucson, Ariz. Adam grew up in Los Angeles, and says he’s excited about seeing the four seasons for the first time in Kentucky. In Arizona, Adam worked as a dispatcher for a moving company.

Adam replaced Wade Donoho, who recently moved over to the Alpha IT department.