An Alpha Energy Solutions customer was faced with a major dilemma.

On Friday morning, an Alpha Energy technician responded to a service call that the customer’s building had no heat. Upon inspection, he diagnosed the problem — there were holes in the heat exchangers that kept the large public building warm.

The simple fix was to order new heat exchangers.  The problem, however, was that major events were scheduled in the building starting in 24 hours, and the lead time for ordering the new equipment was six days.

Alpha suggested a solution. It could replace the two 7.5 ton rooftop units with new ones that were readily available, instead of doing repairs on the old ones. The units were near the end of their expected lifetimes anyway, so the customer chose to replace them, as long as Alpha could get the job done Friday night.

The new units were ordered about Noon, and four Alpha technicians got to work. They installed the new units by 9:30 Friday evening, and by Saturday morning the building was warm and cozy for the weekend’s events.