Data centers present some unusual challenges to engineers. The buildings that house servers and data storage equipment generate a lot of heat.  To function properly, they must be housed in an extra cool environment. Indoor temperatures must be maintained between 66 and 74 degrees.

Alpha Mechanical teamed with the data company’s engineers and created a design featuring two 105-ton cooling units placed on a concrete pad behind its local headquarters. The units are redundant in that one runs for a week, shuts off, and the other takes over.

The Trane units’ installation took place Aug. 6, as Alpha Mechanical’s Jim White coordinated teams from Meiners Electric and Sterett Crane and Rigging. The units arrived on tractor-trailers, and the 16,000-pound units had to be set precisely over electrical connections. Each was 45 by 15 feet.

The entire installation went smoothly and took just a couple of hours.