Alpha Mechanical’s crews didn’t get much rest as temperatures soared and cooling units failed over the August 4-5 weekend. Alpha Mechanical Service proved it is truly a 24/7 service operation.

In Louisville, a gearbox in a cooling tower shut down on Friday afternoon. The facility was a large hospital, so the idea of waiting until Monday to get it fixed was out of the question. Alpha’s team, led by Ron Jenkins, quickly assessed the problem Friday night and expedited shipping a new part from St. Louis.

The part arrived Saturday afternoon, and a four-person Alpha crew worked until Midnight to get it up and running. The facility never lost cooling, thanks to a temporary fix made by Alpha technicians. Just 30 hours after the crucial gearbox failure, Alpha had found the necessary resources and stayed on the job until it was done.

A similar crisis was unfolding in Nashville, where a major national retailer’s roof units failed early Sunday morning. An Alpha crew diagnosed the problem and by 2 p.m. had ordered two 85-ton RTU replacements.  Those units will arrive later, but to get the store cooled and ready to open Monday morning, Alpha shipped in equipment from its Louisville rental fleet. It was operating perfectly by 5:30 a.m.

Finally, Alpha solved another emergency at a Louisville hospital on Sunday when a heat exchanger failed. To keep the building cool, Alpha supplied a unit from its equipment rental fleet.  The replacement unit was installed within hours so that the hospital never lost cooling.

Here are some images from the retail replacement: