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Regular Boiler Service

Schedule Regular Boiler Service Boilers are not just important in the colder months, they are necessary year-round. Boilers are an effective heating solution when properly maintained but they can sometimes experience mechanical failures. Preventative maintenance is helpful in decreasing outages but once in a while boiler service may be needed for small problems. Even if your boiler is not performing correctly, you shouldn’t attempt to repair it yourself. Attempting to troubleshoot boiler issues is potentially dangerous. Home repairs may also…

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Avoid Emergencies with 24/7 Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair Available 24/7 Choosing a boiler for your commercial / industrial site is a great investment that will provide years of comfort. Boilers, also known as hydronic heat systems, utilize hot water to push heat throughout a building to provide comfort. In fact, there are many benefits to selecting a boiler as your heating option of choice. With the proper care, boilers can have a very long life-cycle. Although boilers are relatively easy to operate and do not have…

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Boiler Service-Maintain Your System

Reduce Downtime with Boiler Service As the temperatures drop, the comfort of your commercial or industrial facility may come to mind. Boilers are an efficient and cost-effective heating solution when maintained well however, unexpected issues can lead to extreme damage if not addressed early. While preventative maintenance is key in reducing downtime, boiler service may be necessary in some cases where it is just too difficult to get your system back online. Alpha Energy Solutions is able to address your…

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Boiler Service Schedule to Reduce Downtime

Boiler Service all Year Round Now that the seasons are changing, there is no better time to start thinking about your heating needs in preparation for the winter months. Though boilers are affordable and reliable sources of heat for different types of buildings, they may need preventative maintenance to keep the systems up and running during the coldest months of the year. Alpha Energy Solutions is pleased to provide boiler service, throughout the year, 24-7 or your convenience. Boilers are…

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Boiler Service from Alpha Energy Solutions

Boiler Service Maintaining the Life Cycle of Your System Unexpected boiler malfunctions can put a halt to your operations and create safety hazards for occupants. Indicators that your boiler is in need of service may come in the form of odd noises, higher bills, and poor climate within a structure. Boilers are designed to be long-lasting, energy-efficient systems that comfortably heat a building safely. Systems perform best and last longer if they receive regular boiler service. Heating systems that do…

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Sign of Spring – Alpha’s Preventative Maintenance Plans Prevent Problems

We’re finally free of the fear of freezing, and now is the perfect time to check your HVAC system and change your filters. Longer days and milder weather signal the arrival of spring, that transitional season when it’s common to rely on both your heater and your air conditioner to keep your facility comfortable as outdoor temperatures fluctuate. It’s also the time of year when an increase in pollen counts can exacerbate springtime allergies. Air filters play a significant role…

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Alpha Energy Solutions Builds Controls Expertise with Schneider Electric

On March 10 and 11, Alpha Energy Solutions’ sales staff convened for an important meeting at the Galt House. On the agenda was a detailed training course with Doug Burton of Schneider Electric. Alpha recently become a Schneider Electric Buildings Partner in the HVAC and Security Channels. Alpha personnel had already completed its Technical Certifications. As a result of this training session, 10 Alpha sales representatives have finished the SmartStructure™ Sales Certification course and are fully certified. Dave Hellman, Director of…

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Alpha Energy Solutions’ Hot Water Jetter Solving Restaurant Issues

A nationally-recognized, publicly-traded chain of restaurants recently called on Alpha Energy Solutions to solve a problem. The kitchens in a few of its restaurants had become a breeding ground for fruit flies, and workers had noticed a pungent odor. The best solution was a thorough cleaning of the drains, where food byproducts had created a sludge and impeding the flow of waste. The solution — a thorough cleaning using Alpha’s Hot Water Jetter. In addition to flushing out the system…

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Happy Retirement, John Hagan

Last year, Alpha Energy Solutions’ chief financial officer John Hagan announced he was going to retire. But before doing so, John spent several months making sure Alpha’s finance department would be in good hands, working with Rob Haydon on all the details of the company’s books. And with the company’s financials in good shape, Hagan is ready to turn over the keys to his corner office. Alpha team members held a luncheon in John’s honor at the office Feb. 26,…

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Next Stop for Alpha Energy Solutions: Memphis, Tennessee

Alpha Energy Solutions is now serving customers in Memphis and the surrounding areas of northern Mississippi and western Arkansas. In recent years, Alpha Energy Solutions has grown by expanding into markets near its Louisville headquarters, including Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Nashville.  With the expansion into Memphis, Alpha will be better able to serve a growing number of retail chains by providing self-performing service to more locations. “This expansion is an important part of Alpha’s growth because we’re now able to provide…

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