HVAC Parts West Virginia

For the Alpha Energy Solutions service team in West Virginia, getting there is often the biggest challenge.

HVAC Parts West Viriginia

Alpha’s West Virginia operation has trucks on duty throughout the region. This job site was for the install of an RTAC 275 Chiller

Like all of the Alpha offices, the West Virginia operation provides excellent HVAC Parts and service, and offers service and repair for chillers and boilers. Its customers encompass a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, schools and manufacturing plants.

The West Virginia Office, located in Dunbar, near Charleston, added a new technician recently and continues to gain new clients. John Jennings, the regional account executive based in Dunbar, said Alpha’s ability to cover a huge geographic region is an advantage for customers.

“The major challenge for this office is getting around the region, especially in bad weather,” said Jennings, who’s been with Alpha three years. “You have places in the mountains and a lot of roads can get treacherous. It’s always a challenge to keep safety in mind because the conditions can be bad, but we’ve got a great safety record.”

The Dunbar office covers a wide expanse, from southern Ohio to Virginia and including all of eastern Kentucky and most of West Virginia. It’s been in business for a decade.

Jennings said recent contracts for boiler work and rooftop change-outs have kept technicians busy.

Gerry Lewis, Alpha’s Director of Sales, said the West Virginia operation is important to the company’s ability to provide regional coverage. “West Virginia provides a steady, consistent stream of work for Alpha, and is one of our oldest satellite operations. We’re glad our customers in the mountains know they can count on Alpha to service their equipment.”

West Virginia is just one of Louisville-based Alpha Energy Solutions satellite offices. Others include Ashland, Cincinnati, Lexington, Evansville, Nashville, Owensboro, Paducah and Indianapolis.